Invest - in a versatile tourist centre

Meri-Teijo is the most rapidly growing tourist centre of southern Finland. We have nearly 100 new building projects under construction, and total investments have already risen up to 70 million euro. YIT Chalets, Honka and an international listed company, among others, will invest approximately 25 million euro in Meri-Teijo.
A golf course, downhill skiing centre and hiking area of 2300 ha present versatile tourist services, available all through the year. A Master-Plan, realised together with the local entrepreneurs, TE-Centre and Development Centre of Salo region, will be finished at the end of the year. A general brochure 2007 will be ready for Matka2007 - fair.
Meri-Teijo offers a place also for your investment.
For sale we have:

  • building lots and larger projects for tourism
  • suitable objects for construction companies
  • exclusive seaside areas for investors

    We are searching to our quality group, for instance, producers of accommodation, restaurant and coffee house services, as well as producers of maritime activities and cooperators for Meri-Teijo Spa.

    We offer different kind of investments, for different amounts, ready made or tailored. Meri-Teijo is a great opportunity, you can invest either 30 000 euro or even 15 million euro - it's up to you to decide!

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